Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thanks all around

Cedric/YVR says:
Hi everyone, On behalf of Team YVR, I would like to thank you all once again forparticipating in this year's interport basketball tournament. I trulyhope you and your team members enjoyed the tournament and gala dinner,as well as made many new friends playing the game we love so much. Special thanks to Gabriel (SHA) and Jovy (SYD) for bringing in 2 newteams this year, and I look forward to seeing them again next year,alongside with Team DXB, led by Melvin. As this tournament is growingbigger over the past few years, I am happy to see our CX "basketballfamily" grow tighter and tighter. I would finally like to thank all you team captains/managers/coaches,for I know how difficult it is to coordinate and lead a team of players,especially from a logistics point of view. See you all next year in Korea!

Jann/YVR says:
We are really glad this year's tournament was a success and you all enjoyed it. The pay off is all worth the hard work went into planning the event. For those who are familiar with MasterCard commercial, here is my version:
Viewing Sky Bridge: $0.00
Beer: $600.00
MABA fee: $8,800.00
A successful tournament + friendship: PRICELESS
Until we meet again next year, you all take care.

Mel/DXB says:
Dear All the wonderful people of CX
Wow...Its just amazing wat just happened in just three days of time...I really from bottom of my heart has to congratulate to Whole of YVR team for hosting a wonderfull and well organised and exciting tournament this year....Have to appreciate Jaan in taking a lot of energy and time to get the venue and everything organised for this wonderful Family getogether of fun and games. It was a great Oppurtunity for myself and my colleague to be a part of this Cathay Interport Basketball Tournament where we got to meet a lot of friends and a big family of cathay from all around the world. Also THANKING Jaan,Alex,Cedric for giving us a oppurtunity to play at the last moment of the Tournament where everything was already Arranged and no changes could be made but definetly tried to slip us in. We promise to come back with a whole dubai team next year to have more fun with everyone again and lets really continue thsi tradition....lets keep it goin.......God Bless Everyone......... Hey guys n Gals....Hope u r having pics of all the games ...do fwdd to my email .....i really want a huge collection of pics of every teams and also the games..... Hey Jemmy.So Nice of u to get a video of the final....yes i missed it as i had a bad swollen knee...so i couldnt make it for the finals...do c if u could send me a copy. Thanx a lot Everyone........Lets c u all in KOREA next year.....God Bless.

Alex/HKG says:
Dear friends,
Thank you very much for this wonderful event.Specially THANKS to Jann, Cedric and their team members great efforts. Our team has learnt a lot during this tournament and really enjoy. Interport basketball tournament was the biggest sport event within Cathay family. Thanks and welcome to our new members SHA, SYD and DXB. Guys, since this event become bigger and bigger, may I suggest that the Interport blog http://cxinterport.blogspot.com/ which created by YVR to be our official website? let's all ports share their photos, videos and team history. And we can update the participate ports, contacts, rules and news. I am looking forward to see you all in the near future.Keep in touch. Cheers Alex Wong

Taka/JPN says:
It was great event in KUL this year again, and we do very appreciated your wonderful efforts together with YVR team supports.Am feeling we could enjoy this event as very successful one and we could expand our friendship among CX family. And am sure to extend further next year in KOREA !! I have attached our event history result indcluding this year performance for our reference. Frankly speaking, upon we have started this event with 4 teams (JPN/HKG/TPE/MNL), am never expected this interport basketball event has been become such big event inviting 10 teams. But now, with many people supports, it is very happy to say that CX Interport basketball event would be the most successful event among CX and further expanding in the future.I am very appreciated all of participants supports this year again. We are very sure to enjoy another great event in KOREA in 2009 again,and very looking forward to seeing all of you there with expecting more people joinning such as DXB. Million thanks again.

Weslie/KA HKG says:
Dear all,Dragonair basketball team would like to express wholehearted thanks to allthe other fellow teams being worthwhile opponents, and especially YVR teamfor hosting such a successful event. We shared sweats, screams and laughersall together and more importantly learnt a lot throughout the process.It was really a great opportunity to KA team to join this tournment sincelast year not only to raise our basketball skills and team spirit to ahigher level, but also to extend our friendship with the big CX family.We look forward to seeing all of you again in Korea next year! Keep in touch!

Allen/SHA says:
To my CX BBALL family!
This is the first time for our SHA team joining this tournament. I believe all of us really have fun and enjoy it.Also we learned a lot from all other teams and i think we will be back next year with more players.Thank you to all of you especially Jann, for your great arrangement and everything you did for us.Looking forwards to seeing all of you in Seoul 2009....

Jovy/SYD says:
To my CX bball family you're all great!!!
To my MVP's: JANN-CEDRIC-ALEX and the host(champion) team YVR...a million thanks for making it so enjoyable. See you again in KOREA in 2009 and pls keep in touch.

Ian/SYD says:
To all the CX BBALL family!
On Behalf of SYD i would like to thank you all for such a thrilling weekend. A special thanks to YVR for all their efforts (and a lesson in basketball) for arranging the event from across the globe and in different time zones! It was a big learning curve for us. We will be back next year with more players, more training and be bigger and stronger then this year. We have already begun our recruiting for KOREA 2009! It was a pleasure to play such a competitive, yet so friendly and well spirited games against all teams. Excellent sportsmanship was shown by all! Many Thanks and Best Regards, Ian, CX SYDNEY!!!

Jemmy/TPE says:
This year TPE team very enjoy this tournament. Especially we like to thank our host YVR team, your guys from the million miles away between YVR and KUL to set-up this event . That is mission impossible !!! But you finished the event and make it so successful . We have deep feel yours kindly arrangement, such as souvenir, game win /loss/rank table, game schedule table for each day, MVP vote for each team, Gala dinner beer game.....etc. All of those make us easy , convenience , great honor , exercise to enjoy this game. We learn so much from you ! Our team also like this event grow up ! Why we are happy to join this event ? Because except we got fun from the game. We take this event to know worldwide friends from CPA / KA and associated company. This kind of friendship is different ! Just like Taka san say, The spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie has been more important than winning or losing.So we are glad to see more team join us. Let us become a big family in the future. This tournament I have take a video record for our champion game. That is a compete game and good to see. I think should share with another team who didn't see . So Jann I will make the disk (maybe on JUL, because I have family trip on end of JUNE) and OCS to you . Then you can put it on your 2008 inter-port KUL blog for everybody to see. Finally we want to give our sincere to thank everyone participate with this tournament. See you soon in 2009..........

Monday, June 16, 2008

Tournament Results


Back to back champion - YVR

1st runner up - KA-HKG

2nd runner up - MNL

3rd runner up - HKG

4th runner up - JPN

5th runner up - HKG-COMM

6th runner up - TPE

7th runner up - KA-SHA

8th runner up - KOR

9th runner up - SYD

2nd team All-Stars:

Justin Chang/HKG-COMM

David Zhang/KA-SHA

Melvin Chandy/KOR **Free Agent from DXB**

Nathan Rogerson/SYD

Rass Shih/TPE

1st team All-Stars:

Quyen Ly/YVR

Michael Wong/KA-HKG

Ryosuke Takahashi/JPN

Man-Hing Wong/HKG

Froi Jacinto/MNL

Tournament MVP - Michael Wong/KA-HKG


Team Photos

1. YVR - 15 players

2.KA-HKG - 15 players

3.JPN - 7 players

4.HKG - 12 players

5.MNL - 16 players

6.KOR - 7 players

7.TPE - 13 players

8.HK-Commercial - 8 players

9.KA-SHA ** first year ** - 8 players

10.SYD ** first year ** - 7 players

Guest team: DXB ** first year ** (photo to follow) - 2 players - free agents

Thursday, May 22, 2008


In association with the Malaysia Basketball Association (MABA), the 2008 Inter-port Basketball Tournament will take place in the MABA-DBKL Stadium, located at 6, Bangunan MABA, Jalan Hang Jebat, 50150, Kuala Lumpur. MABA is the best court in KL.

Court rental:
13 June 2008 (Fri) / 1 Court with air-conditioning
Time: 09:00 - 19:30
Total 10.5 hours

14 June 2008 (Sat) / 1 Court with air-conditioning
Time: 08:00 - 18:00
Total 10 hours

15 June 2008 (Sun) / 1 Court with air-conditioning
Time: 09:00 - 15:30
Total 6.5 hours

  • Certified referees from MABA, English speaking

From The Coronade Hotel to MABA
  • By taxi - reasonable fare should be RM6.00 to RM10.00 but good luck for getting that. And be warned, traffic is very congested in KL city. It can be a short ride if you do not get stuck in the traffic but it could be a 30 minute ride during rush hours.
  • By monorail - to KL Sentral direction, only two stops, get off at Hang Tuah Station a.k.a. PRUDENTIAL. Take Stadium Negara Exit (opposite exit to all the tall apartments). Walk down the street and follow the Grand Olympic Hotel sign. About 10 minutes walk, you should see MABA on your right hand side.